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Tobago is the smaller of two islands that compromise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Much of Tobago’s economics revolves around tourism.  Tobago has a variety of habitats for all varieties of interests.  Conventional beach and water-sports tourism is largely centered in the southwest of our island in the area of Crown Point, Store Bay and Pigeon Point. You will however, find many idyllic beaches throughout Tobago’s coastline. The island has some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean and is the southernmost island in the Caribbean that has coral communities.  Its waters are home to many species of tropical fish, rays and sharks as well as turtles.  The leatherback turtle is the most numerous sea turtle species nesting in Trinidad and Tobago.  The nesting population is said to be the third largest in the world. Ecotourism is growing in Tobago.  The Main Ridge Reserve claims to be the oldest protected forest in the Western world as it has been a protected rain forest reserve since 1776.  Little Tobago, a small island off our northeast coast, is a bird watchers paradise.  Some 250 varieties of birds are said to make their home on the small island.
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Pigeon Point

A ten minute drive from Summerland Suites, Pigeon Point is arguably the most famous of Tobago’s beaches.  The calm waters make it an ideal location for children as well as an ideal location for sunning and a days  well earned relaxation.
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